Heying Endeavors, LLC              Business Consulting

It's a Global Economy, with Global Opportunities.

Heying Endeavors, LLC is the brain child of our original company, Heying Tax & Financial Services (HTFS), which is a completely independent full accounting and tax office.  While Jake Heying was out generating clientele for the original company, it became clear that there was a definite need for a sperate and distinct company that would offer more than just tax and accounting services.
Repeatedly clients were looking for a source to provide them not only the services HTFS provided, but also some counsel and advice with regards to strategic planning, cash management, sales assistance, and just a sense of having someone to bounce ideas off of.
After a period of time attempting to provide all these services all under the same umbrella (HTFS), calls and contacts for assistance with global issues started to come in.  It was time to split the two obviously independent businesses and Heying Endeavors, LLC was born.
We utilize a network of professionals to provide our clients the services and guidance they need without having to waste the valuable time in searching for the same expertise from many different sources.
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